|The Story of Member.buzz

Member.buzz is the premier online platform for membership-based organizations allowing users to easily create communities and perform all the tasks related to managing vibrant and engaging team spaces. But where did they come from, and where are they headed? 

The evolution of Member.buzz

Member.buzz founder, William Yeack came up with the idea for Member.buzz during his time as the President of his University's of Alumni Club. As the club’s membership grew in size, Yeack became frustrated by the many online platforms and tools required to manage the group. He was new to the city and was looking to get involved and make friends. 

Once William and the other Alumni started their club, they faced the same difficulties that every organized group faces: organizing events and having meetings, and coordinating everything they needed to do to keep their alumni club running smoothly.

However, when they began looking for solutions to help them with their club’s day-to-day running, they realized there was no single solution in the marketplace that perfectly matched their need to solve all of their problems at once. 

So William decided to create his own platform specifically designed to address all the issues related to the smooth running of their alumni club. Soon, their alumni club began to grow and flourish, and they were able to quickly and easily organize complicated events, including an annual gala. In fact, their alumni club’s yearly gala became so renowned that William and Kate attended it. Yes, that’s Prince William and Kate; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

The birth of Member.buzz 

At first, the club management platform created by William and his friends was just for themselves. But they were soon sharing their platform with other friends who needed the same tools to help them organize their own clubs and groups.

It didn’t take long for William and his partners to recognize that the same set of issues and problems they faced when setting up their alumni club were the same obstacles every club, team, and organization faced. So William decided to turn the platform into a commercial product, and Member.buzz was formed. A platform specifically designed to help manage all the things needed to do to build a viable online community; managing memberships, collecting fees, selling tickets, invoicing vendors, posting articles, and all the other tasks related to managing and growing a team or club.

Where Member.buzz is right now

Like every young business, Member.buzz is busy growing their platform, getting people on board, building functionality, and building their community — a bit like building an alumni club. 

Not only are the team at Member.buzz busy helping build communities, but they are actively gathering feedback from their users to help Member.buzz create an even better platform with more impressive and useful functionality. 

The team at Member.buzz are learning as they’re growing, just as their users grow and learn about their own communities. Member.buzz is a real community made up of real people supported by real solutions. The team at Member.buzz cares about the people who use their platform. They take the time to engage with the Member.buzz community and actively root for their success. 

The Member.buzz vision: Looking Forward

Imagine a world where everything was easy. Member.buzz wants to be part of that future. By building the perfect community management platform, Member.buzz wants to free people from the worries of managing teams and organizations and allow users to focus on creating viable and engaging communities and joining people together.

The Member.buzz vision is about building a community of organizations, reaching new people, connecting more people, and growing communities to help people connect or reconnect with each other. They want to develop the perfect community management platform where creating a new community is as simple as coming up with a group name and launching a members-only platform. A real space, a real site, in minutes. Your corner of the internet free to build your community how you want when you want. And, once built, giving your organization the exposure to grow and making it easy for new people to discover your organizations. As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come

Is something missing? No problem! Every side-hustle is different, and Member.buzz understands the unique needs of each user. If you can think of a tool that your workspace is missing, let us know and see your ideas turn into reality. The pandemic has shown us that there can still be a rosebud in a big pile of thorns, so let Member.buzz be the first step in helping that bud grow into a beautiful rose. Your passions and hobbies don't have to stop when lockdown ends; take them to the next level by creating a free Member.buzz Space today! 

Interested in using Member.buzz for your organization? Click here to create a Free Space, or reach out to our Migration Team if you are looking for more of a custom approach!