|Hund.io Case Study

Member.buzz is a social collaboration platform that provides its users with access to a cloud-based workspace where they can build thriving online communities. The platform includes features for building websites, processing payments, managing memberships, and planning events.

Keeping a complex platform like Member.buzz available to its users around the world can be a complicated proposition. Even though they are a relatively small company, they have 30 servers spread across three datacenters along with dozens of SaaS/PaaS services that are critical to the functioning of our platform.

A critical part of their DevOps is the status page, an area of the Member.buzz platform that shows real-time metrics, such as up-time and incidents, of their internal and external services.

Status monitoring lets you see in real time what services are operational or currently impacted. Because things are constantly changing on the Member.buzz platform across all their services, they needed a dashboard to organize the reliability and availability of these services. They wanted their customers to see these things as well; as a customer-centric platform, driven by customer feedback, they feel their users deserve to know what’s happening behind the scenes and if their questions are being answered.

Hund.io is a platform that allows you to create your own status page according to your vision. Member.buzz found their software to be exactly what they were looking for in terms of customization, style, interaction, and consistency. The dashboards provided to Member.buzz by Hund.io alert their users, in real-time, the status of the site and all its pages. Due to how customizable the status page is, Member.buzz is able to add their own stylesheets, and even the JavaScript necessary to include their own chatbot. This allows them to provide their users with a unified, consistent experience as they navigate through the Member.buzz support options.

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