|Fresh Design Updates to our Index and Display Pages 

We’ve made some design updates to our native display and index pages! The updates include:

  • New index page designs for Articles, Events, Fundraisers, and Products
  • Additional options for Article, Event, and Fundraiser display pages
  • Ability to turn Pages into Forums with new comment functionality
  • A total redesign of Invoice displays⁠

What is an index, you ask?

An index is a functional grouping of your content by content type. You can find indexes for Articles, Events, Fundraisers, and Products. These pages allow your community to view and filter your content so they can easily browse and navigate to what they are looking for—all on a freshly redesigned page.

Index Banners

Our new index design is clean, simple, and visually appealing. We have also added the option for you to add an Index Banner to each page.

New Layout Options: Introducing Rows and Cards 

Sort the layout of your Articles by rows or cards, whichever makes more sense for you!


With our new filters, your community can navigate clearly throughout the display page while filtering through specific content that is relevant to them.

Display Pages

While an index page acts as one place to host all of your content of a type, a display page is a singular place for that content - think of an article or an event page.

New Feature Image

Articles, Events, Fundraisers, and Products can now all add a Feature Image. This Feature Image represents a singular piece of content, like an Article, on your Index and when pasting a link on external social media sites. To add a featured image, navigate to the create section of your dashboard, choose your content type and edit within each individual piece of content.

Pages Can Now be Forums

We have added the ability to turn on comments on Pages. This will allow you to create discussion forums for your community. To turn on comments on a page, navigate to the Pages section of your dashboard.

Updated Invoices

Our most notable design update comes with Invoices. This view better presents information so you can get paid faster!

We're Constantly Innovating!

Managing your members, sending invoices, collecting donations, planning events, and everything in between has never been easier.

Member.buzz exists to create simplicity in an otherwise chaotic space. We have built a platform that allows you to run your organization, club, event, or business from one simple yet powerful platform. 

With this in mind, we are consistently thriving to provide a more holistic and superior user experience for all of our members. New and exciting features and functionality are always on the horizon. Stay up to date with our Roadmap.

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