|Media Monitoring for Non-Profits 

Nonprofit agencies and charitable organizations do great work every day, helping those in need, raising awareness of important issues, and hosting community events that make a real difference. But in order to do all those wonderful things, those agencies and organizations must grow their company awareness.

It is an increasingly busy world, and maintaining awareness of worthy causes is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge. Increasingly nonprofits are turning to media monitoring companies; businesses that help organizations track public perception and increase the effectiveness of their appeals.

So how do these media monitoring companies aid nonprofits, and what are the advantages of using them? Here are three essential steps nonprofits can take to build awareness and get the word out about the important work they do.

1. Cross Platform Monitoring is Essential

Public perception of non-profit agencies and charitable organizations does not exist in a vacuum, and attitudes are shaped by a variety of different outlets. From chatter on social media and newspaper articles, to comments on websites and blogs, and stories on broadcast TV, consumers gather information in many different ways.

In order to be effective, media monitoring experts continually scan all available platforms, gathering information on public perception, attitudes and other critical data. On their own, each of these platforms can create a distorted picture, but together they coalesce into a comprehensive and unified whole.

2. Automation is Essential

The sheer amount of data moving through the internet and being reported on TV and in newspapers is overwhelming. It is far too much for anyone, or even any one company, to keep track of on their own.

That is why successful social media companies are increasingly relying on sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and other modern tools to track attitudes about their non-profit clients. Automation is a critical part of media monitoring in the digital age, and the sophistication of these tools continues to grow.

3. The Past is Prologue

The goal of media monitoring for non-profits is twofold. First, media monitoring companies work to gather information from a wide variety of sources, from online comment boards and social media sites to newspapers and local television news. Armed with that vast amount of data, media monitors go to work, providing advice to their nonprofit clients and helping them build more effective campaigns.

Understanding current attitudes and public perception of the non-profit is a critical first step, but the next part of the equation is even more important. Successful media monitoring campaigns use the past to guide the future, aiding their non-profit clients in the process.

Non-profit agencies work hard to make a difference. They go out of their way to help those in need, and they rely on a generous public to make ends meet. Those who run these organizations understand the need for constant improvement, and they rely on media monitoring to know how they are doing - and how they can do better.

Using the gathered information, your organization is now in good shape to continue posting updated company content that is positive and well-represents the purpose of the agency/organization.

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