|In a Virtual World How, Do you Keep your Audience Engaged

In our increasingly virtual world, how do you keep your audience engaged? Do you need cutting-edge apps or better looking websites? Do you need more social media posts or even more selfies? Or maybe the answer is in our ancestors and the tales they told each other around the campfire at night. 

It is believed that modern humans — homo sapiens — first appeared on this planet around 350,000 years ago when our species split from our closest relatives, homo erectus. The unusual thing about the first 280,000 years or so of our history as a species is how unexceptional we were. In terms of technology and intelligence, we didn't appear to be that different from our cousins, the Neanderthals. We both used fire. We both made and used simple tools like stone axes. We both buried our dead. And we both likely spoke a simple form of proto-language.

But 70,000 years ago, something changed; it's called the cognitive revolution. After that date, we see many cognitive advances in homo sapiens not present in other human-like populations. We built boats that allowed us to cross seas and migrate to Australia and the Americas. We invented oil lamps that allowed us to create sophisticated art deep within cave systems. We invented bows and arrows to more efficiently hunt game. And we used needle and thread to make clothing for the first time instead of merely wearing animal skins for warmth.

So, why did we suddenly jump ahead of our cousins? Some scientists believe a random genetic mutation led homo sapiens to develop more sophisticated language skills than our cousins. Suddenly we were able to share and communicate more complex ideas and abilities than we had previously.

Perhaps the cognitive revolution marks the date we first became storytellers. Imagine the creative and engaging stories those people used to tell each other as they sat around the campfire each night; stories about how to build boats, make oil lamps, construct bows and arrows, or use a needle and thread. Stories about shared ideas and experiences that helped people bond and form communities and cultures.

So maybe the key to engaging your audience in the virtual world is the same as the people who used to chat around the campfire; storytelling.

It's why we like reading novels and short stories. It's why we love watching movies, and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Being a good storyteller is even more critical as more and more of our lives migrate to the virtual world.

It doesn't matter how great your website looks or how innovative your smartphone app is, or how edgy your brand is. If you're not telling a compelling and engaging story across all your digital platforms and channels, you're going to struggle to create real engagement with your audience.

A community is nothing without a place to share stories. That's why we let you create a website on Member.buzz. It's a place to share stories with your community. Or share stories with your members using our newsletter feature. Better still, encourage your members to share stories with each other using Articles.

Member.buzz is a great place to organize groups and online communities. But a community can shrink and die if the participants aren't engaged. So, remember our ancestors as they sat around those warm campfires on a cold night, telling stories, and sharing experiences. You can build the same sense of belonging and identity in your online community using great storytelling and encourage your members to share their stories with each other. Soon your organization will become a tribe or even a family, fully engaged and vibrant.

So what are you waiting for? Start sharing stories in your Member.buzz community, and watch as your members become more engaged with your organization and each other.

A Comprehensive Solution

Member.buzz is a free-to-use platform that serves as a one-stop solution for your membership management needs. It provides every feature listed above, and more...all in one unified Space! 

Member.buzz has everything you need to improve your group or business management practices. It doesn't matter whether you're representing a social club, alumni organization, or non-profit institution. We're here to make it easier to create event pages, sell tickets, and have a Space to share updates with your community. Member.buzz is a simple, intuitive, and powerful platform.

Interested in using Member.buzz for your organization? Click here to create a Free Space, or reach out to our Migration Team if you are looking for more of a custom approach! 


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