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Add and Remove an Active Directory Domain Suffix using C#
This article provides the code necessarily to add and remove domain suffixes in C#.
Add Custom Button to Copy Permalink/Shortcode in Atlassian Confluence to top of Every Page
⁠|Add Custom Button to Copy Permalink/Shortcode in Atlassian Confluence to top of Every Page Whenever a page in Atlassian Confluence is moved or renamed, its canonical URL is updated.  This can quickly lead to broken links after a change has been made.  To solve this issue, Atlassian Confluence has paired each Confluence Page with a permalink (aka shortlink) which will always stay the same - even after a page has been renamed or moved.  For instance, the following canonical URL is (at the time of writing this) associated with this shortlink:⁠ However, getting to this link can be buried under several dropdowns, and,
Air Cooling the Perfect Computer
|Air Cooling the Perfect ComputerThis blog post is part of a series on my experience building the perfect computer, where I discuss the various decisions that I made on the most efficient, reliable way to cool my computer's components.⁠Air cooling was only part of my solution. For more, see Water-Cooling Part 1 and Part 2.To decide which fans to choose, you need to consider the following:Air FlowCubic Feet per Minute (CFM) This tells you the volume of air pushed by a fan, given no resistance. Higher airflow is better; however, high airflow fans can sometimes have lower static pressure, which
Brands and Retailers for Building the Perfect Computer
|Brands and Retails for Building the Perfect Computer⁠This blog post is part of a series on my experience building my perfect computer. As part of my job at, I needed a high-performance computer for programming, graphic design, and video rendering. I also wanted it to look the part; looking as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside.⁠This article focuses on describing the various brands, retailers, and vendors that I used while building my computer.  While you can get many of the required parts and products on a general e-commerce site like Amazon, it is often helpful to buy from
Building the Perfect Computer
In this series of blogs, I have documented my journey to build my perfect computer – a new workstation that will be used for the heavy programming and graphic design that I do as part of my job at
Cable Management for the Perfect Computer
|Cable Management for the Perfect ComputerThis blog post is part of a series on my experience building the perfect computer.This is one of the most complex, open ended parts of my build. There are lots of solutions out there for cable management – and there is no substitution for experience to do it well.⁠⁠PSU Cables⁠Custom PSU CablesOne of the customizations that has the most significant impact is having some custom PSU Cables made. While you can do these yourself, there are some subtle differences around the wiring specifications of different PSUs that made me opt to have someone else do
Cleanup Temporary Files used by Visual Studio
When building an application, Visual Studio (along with IIS and SQL Server) creates and use a lot of temporary files throughout your system. Often times, when something is not behaving as expected, it can be caused by old temporary files stuck somewhere in your system.
C-Level Security: Bank security and the egg timer (how good management trumps technology)
The development of technology for securing information has been advancing at a pace that is truly astounding. In 20 years the security industry has evolved from Sun Micro Systems' Sunscreen and the Cisco PIX (yes I know there were a few others) to over a thousand security products of which nearly 700 are currently VC funded. All are trying to generate business from within this ever advancing market currently called Cyber Security. There are few tech markets growing at the rate of Cyber Security and as a result we are seeing investors, in a near desperate attempt to gather slivers of this market, throwing money at companies with Rube-Goldberg-inspired technology. We now have a flood of technology solutions that no one person can understand and the customers that consume this technology struggle daily with supporting and operating these systems. Many of the C-Level executives reading this may want to consider a management solution for the next expensive problem your engineering team presents to you.
C-Level Security: When your team uses military analogies, are they using the wrong narrative?
For years, I have bristled when people would use medieval military descriptions in an attempt to convey concepts within the Network Security business. Bastions, Firewalls, Moats, Drawbridges, Countermeasures; all of these descriptions give way to a more accurate and detailed explanation of what was really taking place.
C-Level: Fan Boy, XEB
In 1999 I was extremely busy. I had just started a company, my second, in the Network Security field which was new and unknown. Sales were slow, hacking was deep, deep inside campuses like Stanford and MIT and was considered sport. I was getting traction with banks and was in SF for a meeting. I remember walking down Mission past a guitar shop and hearing this song, guitar was hitting the tonic breaking into cool background riffs, a little vocal falsetto opening then breaking into verse…..broken and then back…..WTF. Reminiscent of a Cello piece I know……..inspired….. I stopped dead in my tracks - stunned. Who are these guys!?!
C-Level: Is your business secure enough to survive open firewalls?
The most expensive firewall is pretty dumb. It can keep external probes from seeing what your Security Team wants to hide. In some cases, they are also configured to protect people within your company from wasting time or violating your network policies. There are no guarantees that these devices will protect your network, quite the opposite, near every network hack of note, was conducted through a firewall. The information assets that Firewalls protect are also secured in a variety of dissimilar ways so in a perfect world the Firewall is your front line of defense, information access policies are a secondary line of defense. In a very simple sense, firewalls are about noise reduction, blocking out a nearly infinite number of probes from an ever increasing number of probers. So, ponder for a minute, if you opened this electronic front door to the world what would happen? Would the damage be limited to only an increase in network noise?
Components for the Perfect Computer
Comparing and choosing your components can be one of the most intimidating parts of creating your own computer. A lot of the decisions that you have to make early on will dictate what options you have for subsequent decisions.
Create Multiple Assignees in an Atlassian JIRA Issue using ScriptRunner
Here at we wanted to create multiple assignees for a JIRA issue where each assignee was responsible for a different part of the issue's workflow.For example, let's say you have a technical task with the following steps:⁠In this scenario, we would have to have two people involved, an Engineer should be responsible for most of the work but when the issue is in Testing we would want a Tester to be assigned.Since JIRA allows us a single assignee for a given issue, we'll use the ScriptRunner plugin by Adativist to create a listener that will modify the assignee whenever
Create the Ultimate Smart PowerShell Update Script with Email Notifications and Error Handling
I wanted to create a smart PowerShell Script for updating our servers that was both ready to be executed manually as well as ready to be added as an automated task. Additionally, I wanted notifications to be generated whenever the script was run with details about the results, just in case we needed to debug any issues in the future.
Do Employee Handbooks have a place in Startups and Small Businesses?
The employee handbook. For many, even just the mention of this particular document gives them unpleasant flashbacks to working under overbearing managers and bureaucratic HR reps who wield the handbook like a weapon. Almost anyone who has worked for a large company has a story or two that confirms this; how people higher up in the bureaucratic ladder used it to nail employees on technicalities or hide behind obscure clauses for their own protection
In a Virtual World, How Do You Engage Your Audience?
The key to engaging your audience in the virtual world is the same as the people who used to chat around the campfire; storytelling.
Lighting the Perfect Computer
|Lighting the Perfect Computer⁠⁠This blog post is part of a series on my experience building the perfect computer, where I cover the various decisions and research that I did as I figured out how to best setup my lighting.The Corsair Commander Pro is great because it allows you to control two lighting channels, six fans, and it also has 2 USB headers, which are great for adding additional Lighting Pro Nodes to have extra channels. There are four temperature sensors, but these seem pretty pointless since you can use the sensors built into your motherboard (for CPU, GPU, etc.) to
Make Atlassian JIRA/Confluence Mobile Friendly
|Make Atlassian JIRA/Confluence Mobile FriendlyI have never been a fan of the mobile version of sites (where a site detects whether it is being viewed on a mobile device and serves an entirely different website optimized for viewing on a smaller screen). I much prefer adaptive sites - where the elements on a page are resized and rearranged dynamically as the page width decreases. This helps to ensure that the vast majority of functionality is maintained regardless of the device. There are a variety of mobile site addons for both JIRA and Confluence, but they all approach the problem using
Microsoft Azure/Office 365 PowerShell Cookbook
|Microsoft Azure/Office 365 PowerShell CookbookFirst of all, to connect to Azure, open PowerShell and run the following commands:⁠Import-Module AzureRMLogin-AzureRMAccountIf you have multiple subscriptions tied to your account, you may want to specify which subscription you want to be working on, which yoiu can do with the following command:⁠Set-AzureRMContext -SubscriptionName NetworkingCreating
Modding the Perfect Computer
Learn how we created modifications for our custom workstation.
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