|Turn your COVID Passion Project into a Side Hustle Using Member.buzz

2020 has been a year of unexpected twists and turns. The COVID crisis sent everyone into their homes, many wondering what to do with themselves and their newfound free time. As much as the pandemic has been scary, depressing, and confusing, it has also been a wakeup call for many people to develop new passions and rediscover old hobbies.

If you have recently started knitting, baking, candle-making, coding, or even becoming a full-time content creator, you are one of the many side-hustlers born out of COVID. With everyone confined to their homes and their computer screens, your passion project has the potential to reach more people than you might think.  

Have you thought about taking your hobby to the next level? It might sound daunting; processing payments, posting articles, building your online store, connecting with your subscribers, and advertising events all on different platforms. But it may be worth your while.

Enter Member.buzz: your one-stop shop for building an online presence to transform your passion into a full-blown business. There is no need to worry about remembering various passwords, learning to operate different platforms, or even having to hire an IT person to build everything for you. As a Member.buzz Organizer, everything you'll need to grow your budding business will be at your fingertips.

Engaging your audience is of the utmost importance, especially at a time when they are consuming content like no other. Member.buzz can help you take the first steps in creating your online or subscription community while encompassing all of the functionality you will need on the back-end. You might not even know yet how to build your side-hustle, so let Member.buzz show you the many ways you can use the platform.

Create an Online Space

The first step to entering the digital world with your new side-hustle is a website. You've written some hard-hitting content over the past few months and are getting some hits on LinkedIn, but you are looking to aggregate all of your posts in one place. Member.buzz can help you build an efficient, yet stunning, webpage for all to scroll through.


Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create the Space of your dreams, without needing the help of a web designer or engineer. You can even create custom landing pages for certain audiences. Imagine being able to easily connect with your readers, and build a community for them to subscribe to.

Now that you're basically your own online magazine, you might think about adding some other perspectives. With Member.buzz, it's easy to incorporate contributing writers to your Space. All with the help of your free, easy, intuitive dashboard, you can take your casual writing to a full-on digital publication!

If your interested in learning more about Permissions, we have a great webinar on our YouTube Channel!

Perhaps you want to take your cooking hobby to the next level, seeing as your Foodstagram and Tik Toks tutorials are blowing up. Launch the cooking webinar you've been wanting to start, and use Member.buzz to create event pages for each episode, sell tickets for your exclusives, and keep your audience updated on your new cooking channel. The best part is, your event page and ticket sales are all integrated into your Space; no plugins required! As you build your brand, you can always add new things, like a blog for sharing recipes, a newsletter to update your fans each week, and even an online store to sell your cookbook. You can quickly elevate yourself from rookie cook to up-and-coming chef with the help of the Member.buzz platform. 

⁠Many people have used their talents and creativity to help others during the pandemic. Maybe you have been making beautiful, homemade candles to raise money for frontline, essential workers. Usually, you post them on your Instagram story and accept all forms of payment before donating it to your favorite organization. What if your fundraiser had the potential to reach a whole new audience, and help you raise even more money?

The  platform can simplify this whole process while building up your passion project into a real organization. With all of the tools at your fingertips, you can continue doing what you love while expanding your online presence. Add an online store for your candles, process payments, accept donations, manage donors, build custom order forms, and grow your community all in one place. You don't have to do this alone; your organization can easily grow with Member.buzz's strength in managing groups. Reach above and beyond your fundraising goals and grow your team and community to help you get there with Member.buzz!

Is something missing? No problem! Every side-hustle is different, and Member.buzz understands the unique needs of each user. If you can think of a tool that your workspace is missing, let us know and see your ideas turn into reality. The pandemic has shown us that there can still be a rosebud in a big pile of thorns, so let Member.buzz be the first step in helping that bud grow into a beautiful rose. Your passions and hobbies don't have to stop when lockdown ends; take them to the next level by creating a free Member.buzz Space today! 

Interested in using Member.buzz for your organization? Click here to create a Free Space, or reach out to our Migration Team if you are looking for more of a custom approach! 


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