|Building the Perfect Computer⁠

This blog post is part of a series on my experience building my perfect computer. As part of my job at Member.buzz, I needed a high-performance computer for programming, graphic design, and video rendering. I also wanted it to look the part; looking as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside.

Before we get to far, here is a video showing the result:

Through the process, I did a lot of research and found answers to some obscure prolems. I hope that some of the information I found can help others as they go through their journey.

My overall goal was to build a top-of-the-line custom computer while ensuring that it would be reliable enough to use as my everyday work computer (although I deviated a bit from the reliability requirement with my custom water-cooling solution).


I have separated all of my research into the following series of articles:

An overview of how I choose the components for my computer.

A review of the different types of lighting options available.

An overview of maximizing the performance from your computer.

Air Cooling
How to choose the right fans.

Water Cooling, Part 1
Choosing the type of water cooling to use.

Water Cooling, Part 2
Creating a custom water cooling loop.

Cable Management
How to keep your cables out of sight.

How to bring your computer to the next level through custom modifications.

Information on various tools used.

Brands and Retailers
A list of the different brands, with reviews on which ones are best.


Here is an overview of my build, you can see details about why I choose each component in the relevant articles above.



Phanteks EvolvX


AMD Ryzen 9 3950x

16 Core/32 Threads with 4.0/4.4 Ghz CCX Overclocking


MSI Ace X570


Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

64 GB at 3600 Mhz


PNY nVidia Quadro P4000

Sound Card

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5



PrimoChill UV Blue


Corsair QL120 (6x)

be quiet! Silent Wings 3 BL070 (3x)


EKWB CoolStream PE-360


Phanteks R160


Chemglass Borosilicate (1/2” OD, 3/32” Wall)


Koolance UV Blue


Barrowch Temperature Sensor


Bykski Clover Valve


Bykski DDC Pump (B-PMD3-COV)


Alphacool Plexi Eiszapfen

Fan Hub

DeepCool Fan Hub


RGB Controller

Corsair iCue Commander Corsair iCue Lighting Node Pro

UV Lighting

LEDdess UV Light Strip

Temperature Sensor

Alphacool Eiszapfen Sensor Plug


⁠As you may have realized, this series of articles has very little to do with the products provided by Member.buzz. However, we thought some of the research we did while building this computer would be useful to others.

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