Modding the Perfect Computer

This blog post is part of a series on my experience building the perfect computer, where I discuss the various modifications that I created (or had created) for my computer, which helped make it stand out amongst others who may have used some of the same components.

This blog covers my experience in creating and outsourcing custom components for my perfect work computer. Getting custom parts made is an easy way to make your build stand out.


One of the best mods that I made to my case was to add casters – allowing the case to delicately roll along my office floor instead of me having to pick it up and plop it down. Mockett has a lot of premium options.

To get my casters to work on my case, I had to drill the required holes in the bottom of my case and use a tap to create threads for a bolt to secure it into place. I would recommend using Titanium Drill bits and Tap Oil to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Custom GPU Bracket and Backplate

Since my NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is not as beefy as many gamer GPUs, I wanted to have a custom bracket and backplate created to make it look special.  This is effectively a piece of acrylic that sits on top of your GPU with an LED pattern and another acrylic piece installed beneath your GPU with another LED design.

The favorite thing that I had done was my custom GPU Backplate – which you can get made for any GPU (since it is cut to whatever specific shape you want).  I had Jeff over at JMMods make mine – and I could not be happier.  V1 Tech is an alternative option.

Custom Cables

Custom Logo

My custom design’s centerpiece is a custom logo created for me by the good people at Performance PCs’ custom shop.

Custom Panels

One of the only major drawbacks of my Phanteks EvolvX case is a lack of airflow into the front and out the top. While this can be disappointing out-of-the-box, this case does offer a blank slate for some fantastic customization options.


While ModMyMods has a full line of custom-cut panels for Phanteks cases, I wanted a design to fit around my custom logo.

Here were my panels beforehand:

And here they are afterward:

Other Options

While I got a bunch of custom work done, there were many paths that I didn’t (or haven’t yet) gone down.



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