Tools for Building the Perfect Computer

This blog post is part of a series on my experience building the perfect computer. Here I list the various tools that I purchased during the build to...

Finding the right tools for the job can be a very difficult task – especially when you are just starting out and don’t know what questions to ask.


Wagner Digital Heat Gun
Neiko Center Hole Punch This is an absolute must for drilling holes in metal. It allows you to mark exactly where you want a hole to be before drilling. Without it, your drill bit will tend to slip around – making it difficult to drill precisely.
TEKTON Pick Set These are useful for removing O-Rings and getting into tight spaces.
GEARWRENCH Tap and Die Set This is used to create threads on your drilled holes. Make sure to check what size of a hole to drill before you start – many are not standard.
Lint Free Foam Swabs These are perfect for cleaning delicate electrical components, e.g., removing thermal paste from a CPU. Since they are lint-free, they will not leave behind any bits like a paper towel would.
Forney Tap Magic Cutting Fluid This helps to drill holes into metal, lubricating your drill bit. It is also an absolute necessity when using a Tap or Die.
AFA Deburring Tool This is useful for removing any remaining bits when finishing the edges of a rigid water-cooling tube.
Oil Pencil
IWISS Crimping Tool Used to create custom cables for fans or RGB.
Arctic Silver Thermal Cooling Remover This will remove any remaining thermal paste from your CPU to make it like new.
EKWB Pressure Tester
REXBETI Steel File Set
ShureBonder Ultra Series Hot Glue Gun
Brush-On Krazy Glue
Adhesive Heat Shrink
Phobya Filling Funnel
X-Tronic Digital Soldering Iron Station
2:1 Heat Shrink
O-Ring Lubricant
Stanley Storage Box
ABN Precision Screwdriver Set
PrimoChill Soft Tube Cutter
Fill Bottle
CRJ 24-Pin ATX
Caliper Helps to measure the width of small parts.



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